9th Dhu al-Hijjah, 1445

Experience of a life time.


Exceptional 5 star experience! I recently embarked on a 5-star package tour to 3 Haram destinations with this incredible travel agent. From the outset, their commitment to ensuring our comfort was evident.They took care of everything, and several times even paid for our food and bus rides to make sure we were comfortable. The best part? The group felt like a family because the travel agent was so kind and caring. I’ve been on a few trips with them, and each one gets better. They really care about making sure everyone has a great time. It’s rare to find a travel agent so dedicated to creating a truly memorable journey for their clients. I hope Allah gives them lots of blessings for giving a wonderful and luxurious experience. If you want an awesome trip, go with this travel agent!

Fatima Yasir

I recently returned home to Melbourne after a spiritually enriching journey, thanks to TravelKing. Alhamdulillah, the entire experience was beyond my expectations. From the very first day, I had the privilege of meeting the incredible Jariwala family, who played an instrumental role in making this umrah unforgettable. Their guidance throughout the spiritual journey, coupled with visits to significant historical places, provided me with a profound understanding of each location I extend my heartfelt gratitude to TravelKing for organizing multiple umrahs, allowing me to perform on behalf of my deceased parents. May Almighty Allah reward the entire TravelKing team immensely for their dedication and efforts. Inshallah, I look forward to keeping in touch with the wonderful people I met during this journey and praying for many more umrahs and Hajj together. Thank you, TravelKing, for facilitating a spiritually enriching experience that I will cherish forever.

Hassiba Ahmar

Embarking on my Umrah journey with Travel King was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. From the seamless booking process to the impeccable execution of every detail, they ensured that my pilgrimage was not just a trip, but a deeply spiritual experience. The knowledgeable guides provided insightful commentary at every step, enhancing my understanding and appreciation of each sacred site. The accommodations were comfortable, and the transportation was efficient, allowing me to focus entirely on my spiritual journey. Travel King exceeded my expectations, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking a memorable and fulfilling Umrah experience.


Alhamdulillah because of travel king I was able to perform my first umrah! The service was very good offering us only the best of hotels and guided tours throughout Makkah and Madinah. If I would go again I would go with travelking a dozen times more. Best experience ever.

Affan Khan

I was extremely pleased with the outcome of my first umrah experience, I couldn’t have picked a better group/company to take me Alhamdulillah. TravelKing is Very knowledgeable about everything that going and and makes it a breeze for first timers like me. I would highly recommend as they make you feel like family. Keep up the good work.

Yaser Tulak