Physical fitness play a vital role in performing Hajj. Hajj requires lots of energy and dedication toward its duties. So it is recommeded to start preparing your self three to four month before leaving Arza Muqadas (Holy Land). Pilgrims have to perform Tawaf among a very heavy crowd. Physically week pilgrim usually stay in the state of scarness. Some time they have to spent even extra energy to perform a Tuaf than a fit person. They have to do a Tuaf on the top floor of Masjad. Where one round is more than a km. On the other hand, one round is around 350 meters, average, on the ground

So if you have made up your mind to perform the Hajj then do regular exercises and long walk. There would be many occasion where you have to walk many hours a day. Just to tell you about my one perticular day of walking during last Hajj. I travel over fourty km on foot. That might be some extra ordinary experience but many pilgrim walk very long journey on foot, especially during the Mina stay. Where pilgrim goes to Jamarat stonning from Mina on foot. Since Australian, US & European’s tent are the end of Mina so they have to have a longest walk to the Jamarat or Mecca than other pilgrim came from other countries.


Before leaving seek professional medical advice if you have any medical conditions.


Normal fit people also visit to the doctor and take some prescribed medication for cough, flue, fever, up-set stomach, vomating and travel sickness.


Take some warm clothing along with summer wearings. I have experience of very windy and cold days in Medina last year. Forthcoming Hajj is coming ten days before so there is a chance that your stay in Medina would be in cold days. There is thick warm Jacket is required especially in Fajar and Isah time. You should also carry warm thermal singlet which you should wear during the day with jumper.


You can take food with you like the cereal or musli etc. But be ware, we had been advised not to take any food with you at the Melbourne airport at the check in. We were said this is the requirment of Saudi government. Food policies might be different in every Hajj. Please ask us few days before leaving about taking the food with you. We will educate you according to current policy at that time.