The Day of Tarweyah

Have a shower then put on Ihram clothes and start the Talbiyah from Fajr in your hotel in Makkah. Take what you need for two days. Busses will start to depart the hotel to Mina after Fajr. Prayers will be shortened only (no combination) and performed in Jamaa’a. Lessons will be delivered in English after every prayer. Air-conditioned Tents in Mina. Three meals will be served. A mattress, blanket and pillow will be provided in Mina ONLY

The Day Of Arafah

Staying in Arafah from Dhuhr till Sunset) Leaving Arafah to Muzdalifah after Sunset (staying at Muzdalifah till midnight or Fajr: Options are provided) Buses will start to depart Mina to Arafah from Fajr. Busses will start to depart Arafah to Muzdalifah from Sunset. Moving from Muzdalifah will start from midnight. Air-conditioned tents in Arafah. Lunch will be served. At Muzdalifah: No Food, No Pillow and No Mattress provided.