10th Shaaban, 1445

Experience of a life time.

TravelKing” – Your Trusted Pilgrimage Companion for Over 2o Years. Proudly based in Australia, we specialize in providing Premium Hajj and Umrah Packages, insightful Islamic historical tours, and custom packages tailored for your unique journey.

With a personalized and family-like approach, we ensure a hassle-free pilgrimage, handling everything from customizing Umrah packages to flights, visas, and more.

Join us for a blend of spirituality and history, offering the ‘Experience of a Lifetime.’

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Located only walking distance from both the Haram’s.


Provided throughout the entire process of Hajj and Ummrah.


Visiting significant historical Islamic sites in Madinah and Maccah.

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Pilgrimage is one of the
five pillars of Islam

Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) said – “Islam is based on five: Testifying that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, performing prayers, paying Zakat, fasting Ramadan, and pilgrimage to sacred Sanctuary of Allah (Kaa’ba).”

Pillars of Islam